Craft Awesome Mixes By Understanding The How And Why Behind All The Critical Mixing Processes
Follow Along And Improve Your Mixes With This In-Depth Course!

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Follow Along And Improve Your Mixes With This In-Depth Course!
Learn The How & Why Behind The Essential Mixing Processes As You Follow Along And Mix With Me!

From Arthur Fox
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hey there,

Are you struggling to get the results you want from your mixes?

It took me a long time to learn how to mix efficiently and in a way that would make my mixing consistently good.
My name is Arthur Fox from My New Microphone, and today I want to offer you my 'Mixing With Me' video course!

If you have questions about crafting great mixes consistently, this in-depth course has the answer for you!

This is my framework for crafting mixes in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner. It's helped me tremendously in my professional career, where time is money.

But before you hop in and follow along with me as I mix a song from scratch in this video course, I want to share a bit about how I developed it.

This isn't just something I threw together one day. This framework is something I've been developing from well over a decade, since the day I became obsessed with music production.

Like many of you, I had no idea what I was doing when I first started out. After years of practice, I decided to enrol in college to study Recording Arts (Audio Engineering). Upon graduating, I was fortunate enough to land a job as a composer and audio engineer at a local studio.

Over the years since, I've developed a framework I use on all mixes to get the bulk of the mix done as efficiently as possible. I teach the most important things I've learned as I apply my knowledge to mix the song at hand.

My New Microphone's
'Mixing With Me' Video Course

22 In-Depth Videos & Over 7 Hours Of Content

I break down the mixing process into 22 different videos, each going into detail about the mixing decisions made. You'll hear the mixing processes and the explanations!

Multitracks & Mixes Included

Follow along if you choose with full multitracks, and have access to the initial mix, final mix and "pseudo-master".

Extra Focus On Proper Mix Preparation

Great mixes sound great before they're mixed. Though we won't be covering recording, we'll have a discussion about mix preparation and go over some examples.

Make A Habit Of A/B Testing

Learn the importance of A/B testing across the mixing process and use it to your fullest advantage.

Learn To Use Gain Staging & Routing To Your Advantage

Learn and apply proper gain staging and routing within the mix session to make your mixes more streamlined and intuitive.

Emphasis On Monitoring Inside & Outside The Studio

Monitoring is essential for making critical and objective mixing decisions. Furthermore, having a variety of monitoring systems helps ensure good mix translatability.

Discover The Why & How Behind EQ & Compression

It's key to not only know how these two critical mixing tools work but also why we would choose to use them in our mixes.

Learn Subtle & Creative Saturation & Distortion

Saturation and distortion are sometimes ignored when teaching mixing. We'll consider a variety of creative uses to help bring enhance the mix.

Hear Advanced Mixing Techniques In Action

Advanced mixing techniques can give us that extra "professional" touch in the mix. You'll learn several techniques that will benefit the mix in this training.

Develop Automation For A Dynamic & Interesting Mix

Automation can take a boring, amateur mix to a dynamic, professional mix quite easily. We'll have a look at a variety of automation options to help add excitement and movement to the mix.

Ensure Mastering Success With Proper Exporting

Mixing is a critical part of music production and deserves its own training. However, commercially-released songs typically go through a mastering process, and it's important to know how to export a mix for proper mastering.

Putting The 'Mixing With' Series eBooks To Practice

This video course/training is the perfect visual/auditory addition to the 9-volume 'Mixing 'With Series' eBooks, covering the same core concepts.
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At this point you may be asking, "Who is Arthur Fox and how can he help me with my mixes?"
I'm someone who's obsessed with learning about music and equally obsessed with teaching others about what I've learned.

I've been doing so for well over a decade, going through audio engineering courses at school, playing in bands, working professionally as a composer and audio engineer.

I help over 300,000 people a month learn about all things music and audio on my blog and today I want to help you!
When You Enroll In The My New Microphone Mixing With Me Video Course
You'll Get These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1: 15 Minute Mix Checklist
15 Minute Mix Checklist
Total Value: $9
Follow These Instructions To Get A Great-Sounding Static Mix In Under 15 Minutes Or Less.

This 13-step checklist is designed to get you to a solid rough mix in 15 minutes or less.

Mixing is a race against the clock. As time passes in a mixing session, our ears become more and more fatigued and our judgement and mixing decisions worsen.

Getting to a rough mix, where the static balance and space is locked in shouldn't be rushed, but it shouldn't take too much time either.

The 15 Minute Mix Checklist helps us get there in 15 minutes or less!
Get This For FREE When You Order The 'Mixing With Me' Video Course Today!
Bonus #2: Finalizing The Mix: The 12-Step Checklist
Finalizing The Mix: The 12-Step Checklist
Total Value: $9
Complete These 12 Crucial Steps Before Ever Sending Your Mix Off For Mastering.

This 12-step checklist walks through the necessary steps to take before handing your mix off for mastering.

Mastering puts the final touches on the mix, making it loud and transferable to other playback systems. To get the best out of the mastering process, we need a great mix.

But on top of a great-sounding mix, we also need to take care of some technical things before mastering.

Finalizing The Mix: The 12-Step Checklist gives us the step necessary to get our final mixes ready for mastering!
Get This For FREE When You Order The 'Mixing With Me' Video Course Today!
Here Is My "No Risk" Guarantee To You
In the off-chance you find absolutely no value in what I'm offering today. If your mixes don't get any better after studying and implementing what I'm teaching, don't worry...

Let me know and I'll give you your money back, no questions asked!

I want you to be successful and if I can't help you out, I don't deserve your money.

There's a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you get to keep everything I sent you.
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For Only $37!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
That's pretty much it! If you want to improve your mixing consistency and efficiency, this is the framework to show you how!

I hope to see you in the video training!

Thanks again,
Arthur Fox
P.S. If you want to get your music heard by the masses (or just by your close circle), having a great mix is essential.

This framework helps you do just that! Act now and you can get this excellent video course, along with the bonuses, for only $37!
YES ARTHUR! Give Me Instant Access To The 'Mixing With Me' Video Course RIGHT NOW For Just $37.00 !
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